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A 1960s style poster from Andy Warhol's Chelsea Girls featuring a woman's face


Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria

Chelsea Girls

Unclassified 18+

24 Jan

In 1965, Andy Warhol and Paul Morrissey filmed the epic, Chelsea Girls. Set in the infamous Chelsea Hotel, the film comprises 12 separate split-screen episodes in Warhol's masterstroke is an intoxicating mix of sex, drugs, boredom, masochism and humour.

Preceded by an In Conversation Event with Max Delany, Senior Curator Contemporary Art, NGV and Kristy Matheson, Senior Film Programmer, ACMI. Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria in association with Andy Warhol / Ai Weiwei.

No Longer Available
  • Featuring a mixture of superstars in scripted and improvised performances, the film reels play side by side, with the soundtrack randomised by the projectionist to create narrative shifts with each screening of the film.

    With a soundtrack by the Velvet Underground and starring a cavalcade of Warhol superstars and Factory regulars, Chelsea Girls took Warhol's filmmaking from the underground to the art house masses. As Warhol himself said: "it was the movie that made everyone sit up and notice what we were doing in films - and a lot of times that meant sit up, stand up, and walk out!"

    On its release, the film was dubbed by Newsweek as the "Iliad of the underground", while critic Rex Reed described it as "a cesspool of vulgarity and talentless confusion".

    Controversial and uncompromising, this rare, must-see cinematic event stars Mary Woronov, Nico, Gerard Malanga, International Velvet, Ingrid Superstar, Eric Emerson, Brigid Berlin, Marie Menken, Angelina 'Pepper' Davis, Ondine (Bob Olivio), Albert Rene Ricard, Rona Page, Ed Hood, Patrick Fleming, Mario Montez and Ari Boulogne.