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A young boy filming a woman in a field


Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority presents

Top Screen 2016


18 Feb - 29 Apr

A sophisticated and varied short film program comprising narratives, documentaries, music clips and animations produced by VCE Media students from 2015. Choose from sessions that include folio viewings or associated education sessions with the filmmakers and/or State Reviewer.

Presented as part of the VCE Season of Excellence 2016, Top Screen provides a unique opportunity to view the work and creative process of Victoria’s next generation of filmmakers.

No Longer Available
  • Top Screen 2016: Screening + How Did You Do It?
    Thu 18 Feb, Wed 24 Feb, Wed 9 Mar, Thu 21 Apr

    Following the screening the filmmakers will discuss their challenges and successes throughout the production of their film.

    The session gives current students a peer to peer discussion of filmmaking techniques, ideas and processes.

    Chaired by the Media State Reviewer, How Did You Do It? offers a valuable insight into the highs and lows of producing a short film in the VCE years.

    Top Screen 2016: Screening + How Do I Do It?
    Wed 23 Mar, Thu 14 Apr, Fri 29 Apr

    This session will give the audience a chance to pick the State Reviewer’s brain!

    Following the screening, the associated program, How Do I Do It? offers guests an understanding into the requirements of VCE Media.

    Designed for teachers and students this informative program is an opportunity to discuss your questions with the State Reviewer of VCE Media.

    Assessment and criteria tips and all your queries answered.

    Top Screen 2016: Screening + Folio Viewing
    Wed 24 Feb, Thu 3 Mar, Wed 9 Mar, Thu 17 Mar, Wed 23 Mar, Thu 14 Apr, Thu 21 Apr, Fri 29 Apr

    Following the screening, attendees are invited to view the Design Plans of the Top Screen 2016 program. View the creative process from the germ of an idea through to the finished film, produced by top performing Media film students from 2015.

    Top Screen 2016: Screening
    Thu 7 Apr

    See films made by top performing VCE Media – Film students from 2015. This session is designed for students and teachers that are unable to attend a Top Screen session within school time.

    Top Screen 2016: Plan Ahead
    Thu 3 Mar, Thu 17 Mar

    The success of filmmaking is all in the planning. Following the screening the Media State Reviewer will discuss how the design plan and story board assist production. Session includes criteria and assessment tips.