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Women standing in solidarity at a public demonstration.




12 Mar - 22 Mar

Sarah Gavron directs a screenplay by Abi Morgan (The Iron Lady, The Invisible Woman) in a riveting historical drama that traces the radicalisation of the proto-feminist foot soldiers of the British suffragette movement in the early decades of the twentieth century. Carey Mulligan is superb among an excellent cast that also features Helena Bonham Carter. Meryl Streep lends the requisite gravitas as the suffragettes’ pioneering leader, Emmeline Pankhurst.

No Longer Available.
  • Maud (Carey Mulligan) is a young laundry worker in London’s East End, exploited since childhood but grateful for the notionally elevated position she holds despite the ever-menacing scrutiny of the laundry manager who has set his lecherous sights on a younger girl in his employ. Married to the sympathetic Sonny (Ben Whishaw), and mother of a young boy, George, that she dotes on, Maud initially turns a deaf ear to the entreaties of fellow laundry workers involved in the increasingly militant suffragette movement to have women gain the vote.

    Maud’s political awareness deepens when she befriends the plucky Violet (Anne-Marie Duff) and the indomitable Edith (Helena Bonham Carter), a local chemist who operates a covert base for the suffragettes out of a back room in her shop. An unexpected opportunity to give testimony in Parliament becomes the catalyst for Maud to take a more active and far riskier role in the organisation; a development that does not escape the attention of a police inspector (Brendan Gleeson) under sustained pressure from government ministers to quash the movement.

    "A tremendous performance from Mulligan" Time Out