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Unclassified 15+

6 Feb - 14 Feb

With Spear, Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Company Stephen Page offers an exciting new vision of indigenous representation on screen and bold ways of imagining dance as a cinematic storytelling device.

Adapted from the Bangarra production of the same name, Spear interprets a young man’s journey into adulthood and prophesies the many 'types' of indigenous male he can become in contemporary Australian society.

  • A film of stunning visuals and intense physicality, Spear takes the viewer from the open sea to the outback via Kings Cross dressing rooms and speeding cars.

    Hunter Page-Lochard is electrifying as Djali, a young man with a myriad of choices before him. His connections to tradition are articulated by numerous characters he encounters, while the realities of life in contemporary Australian society are writ-large by Suicide Man (in another star turn by Aaron Pedersen).

    Best known as Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre, in 2013 Stephen Page momentarily swapped the stage for the screen when he directed Sand, an episode of the multi-concept feature, The Turning. Page worked with award-winning cinematographer Bonnie Elliot who has joined him again for Spear. Elliot's fluid camera syncs perfectly to Page's choreography, framing the dancer’s lines and bringing the performances to the fore.

    The use of various locations and intricate pacing locates Spear firmly within the language of cinema without losing any of the power of the original performance medium.

    On Saturday February 6, join the cast and crew for the Melbourne premiere screening of Spear. Please note seats are limited for this special gala event.