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Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan, wearing a baseball cap and peering around a wall in Scorsese's The Departed


The Departed

MA 15+
Strong violence and coarse language, sexual references

17 Jun - 24 Jun

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon star in this tense thriller as two men on opposite sides of the law. Di Caprio plays Billy Costigan, an undercover cop who has infiltrated the Boston mob, while Damon is a career criminal Colin Sulivan, who has risen in the ranks of the police force and is an informer for the same crime syndicate. The film becomes a tense standoff as their identities are threatened to be exposed.

  • Scorsese turns to the Hong Kong crime genre for his Academy Award-winning remake of Andrew Lau and Andy Mak's Infernal Affairs (2002). Long considered a hero figure of the Hong Kong New Wave – from John Woo, who dedicated The Killers to Scorsese, to Wong Kar-Wai, who drew inspiration for As Tears go by from Mean Streets – Scorsese comes full circle with The Departed, relocating this acclaimed crime thriller to Boston while bringing his own brand of combustible mayhem to the proceedings.

    Featuring a testosterone-fueled cast, including Jack Nicholson as fearsome Irish Mob boss Frank Costello, Mark Wahlberg as hilariously macho Det. Sgt. Dignam and Ray Winstone as Mr French, Nicholson’s menacing second in command. The only female lead, Vera Farmiga more than holds her own as a police psychiatrist that makes some fairly suspect judgment calls. Long term Scorsese editor Thelma Schoonmaker maintains a breakneck energy despite the ambitious running time. 

    “Martin Scorsese's cubistic entertainment about men divided by power, loyalty and their own selves finds the director back on the mean streets where he belongs.” The New York Times