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Griggin Dune in Martin Scorsese's After Hours


After Hours


8 Jul - 15 Jul

Griffin Dunne is a lonely office worker – “a word processor” in the emerging tech talk of the 80s – who takes a chance on love and finds himself in SoHo after he impulsively agrees to a date with a woman (Rosanna Arquette) he meets in a café. What starts as a seemingly innocuous evening turns into a terrifyingly Kafkaesque nightmare of absurd misunderstandings, vigilantism and deadly performance art.

  • Scorsese found himself at a creative crossroads after Paramount pulled the plug on his long-gestating passion project, The Last Temptation of Christ. (It would eventually shoot in Morocco in late 1987.) Keen to reconnect with his low budget roots, Scorsese threw himself into directing this dark comedy; a decision which reaped rich creative returns for the director, going on to win Scorsese the Best Director prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

    Playing like the comic flipside to Taxi Driver, After Hours mines the same cringe-worthy comedy that made The King of Comedy such an entertaining and uncomfortable experience. Terrific comedic performances from a talented cast include Rosanna Arquette as the mystery date, Catherine O’Hara as a vigilante Neighbourhood Watch leader, Linda Fiorentino as an S&M sculptress and Teri Garr as a needy waitress who just won’t take no for an answer.

    “After Hours is sneakily one of the master’s best. There is something liberated in the caffeinated hyperkinetic style he lends the movie, as if the grand moral poems he had become acclaimed for were a heavy burden, and finally he had a chance to cut loose… Scorsese concocts a street-life as demented as Mean Streets is grounded.” Empire