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A picture of Peggy Guggenheim's name etched into stone


Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict


23 Apr - 4 Jun

Before her death in 1979, Peggy Guggenheim granted a series of interviews for Jacqueline B. Weld’s Peggy: The Wayward Guggenheim.  Director Lisa Immordino Vreeland subsequently unearthed the audio tapes of those conversations, long thought lost. These form the basis of her revealing documentary, with Guggenheim herself providing an intriguing commentary on her life as an heiress, collector and art patron. 

No Longer Available
  • An iconoclastic figure not only ahead of her time but who helped define it, Peggy Guggenheim used her considerable wealth, privilege and taste to become a central figure in the history of modern art.

    Instrumental in advancing the careers of several modern artists including Jackson Pollock and Max Ernst, she was a formidable force whose legacy – one of the most significant collections of 20th Century art – is to this day on display in the Museum she established in the Venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal where she is buried.  

    “Peggy Guggenheim was a unique, vivid presence in the art world and in this entertaining documentary she is never less than fascinating. Art Addict includes archival audio material…as well as contemporary interviews with people who knew her [who offer] different perspectives on her connoisseurship, taste [and] aesthetic judgment.” The Age