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Kristen Wiig in Nasty Baby


Nasty Baby

MA 15+
Strong violence, sexual references, coarse language and a brief depiction of graphic nudity

5 Feb - 19 Feb

Chilean-born, US based writer-director Sebastián Silva co-stars with Kristen Wiig and Tunde Adebimpe (Rachel's Getting Married) in a Brooklyn-set relationship drama with a sting in its tail. Six months into a series of unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child with his best friend, Polly (Wiig), the focus shifts to Freddy’s (Silva’s) partner, Mo (Adebimpe) as the preferred donor, but pressures outside the group’s self-styled bohemian clique create ever deeper tensions.

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  • Caught between Polly’s impatience and Mo’s initial reluctance to bring a child into the world, Freddy throws himself into his work; a video art project – in which Freddy himself features prominently – exploring notions of parenthood which may come more dangerously close to Freddy’s emphatic assertion that he doesn’t want “to be a self-absorbed freak, like Marina Abramovic” than he may be prepared to acknowledge.

    Freddy and Polly also begin to show signs of strain from having to run the gauntlet of a homophobic older black neighbour with boundary issues. The Bishop (Reg E. Cathey), as everyone in the neighbourhood calls him, appears to be living independently despite his clear need for support.

    The terrific chemistry between the three leads extends to a spot-on supporting cast that features Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad) as a well-meaning neighbour, Richard, Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat as Freddy’s determinedly supportive assistant, Wendy, and a gallery owner, played by Neal Huff, whose attitude oscillates between sycophancy and quackery.  

    Winner, Teddy Award, Best Queer Film - 2015 Berlin Film Festival.

    “A vibrant thoughtful piece about modern life” The Hollywood Reporter

    “Could almost be a Brooklyn-based variation on Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City…consistently funny in its own off-kilter way” Variety

    “Kristen Wiig’s best performance since Bridesmaids”  Vanity Fair