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A young deaf and blind woman learning tactile communication from a nun.
Marie's Story


Marie’s Story


26 Mar - 5 Apr

Jean-Pierre Ameris brings to the screen the remarkably moving story of Marie Heurtin, (Ariana Rivoire), born deaf and blind to a farming family of limited means in the late nineteenth century. Desperate to avoid confining their daughter to an asylum as she approaches young adulthood, Marie’s heart-broken parents leave her in the care of the Larnay Institute, where an order of Catholic nuns manages a school for hearing-impaired girls.

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  • Consumed with feral rage and a steely will, fourteen year old Marie’s adjustment to life without her parents is painfully slow and something of an unprecedented challenge even for the good Sisters of Wisdom to manage. A young nun, Sister Marguerite, (the wonderful Isabelle Carré), is particularly struck by the girl’s ‘imprisoned soul, locked in a world of darkness and silence’ and commits herself whole-heartedly, despite the skepticism of the Mother Superior, to finding a way for Marie to ‘enter the world’. With infinite patience and committed resolve, Sister Marguerite works tirelessly with the ferociously inquisitive Marie to develop a tactile system of signing that transforms Marie’s life – and her own.

    Jean-Pierre Ameris’ moving film is based on the life of Marie Heurtin, who arrived at Notre-Dame de Larnay in 1895 at the age of ten, and who went on to learn Braille and become a teacher and guide to young deaf and blind girls who came to Larnay after her.

    "Carre’… plays her determined character with moving obstinacy and grace…an assured, emotionally satisfying French offering" Variety