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Mel Gibson Mad Max 2 Road Warrior George Miller Hero
Mel Gibson in Mad Max 2


Mad Max 2

R 18+

14 May

Director George Miller didn’t waste anytime giving cinemagoers everything they loved from the original Mad Max and more! After the deaths of his wife and child, Max (Mel Gibson) wanders the post-apocalyptic Australian outback, nomadically navigating a landscape descended into tribal warfare. The bare minimal plot was (mostly) abandoned for spectacular high speed chases that make it a must see for all action fans.

No Longer Available
  • Miller matched then quickly exceeded expectations with this breakneck sequel to the genre original. The films startling use of the arid outback and perverse costuming again set the benchmark for other genre films, especially in the US and Europe where it spawned many imitations and is still referenced to this day in film, music video and fashion. Again Miller ups the ante with the white-knuckled practical stunts which he would go on to perfect in the award-winning Mad Max: Fury Road.