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A man and two teenagers in a blue Volkswagon golf against the Spanish countryside


Living is Easy

A sex scene, nudity and coarse language

Seniors’ Cinema

2 Jan - 12 Jan

Free-spirited teacher and Beatles fanatic Antonio (Javier Camara) hits the road to find John Lennon, his idol, while the superstar is on location in Spain shooting a film.

No Longer Available
  • David Trueba’s beautiful film, set during 1966 in France-era Spain, sees Antonioon his way to Almeria (South East, Spain). Along the way, he encounters two young hitchhikers.

    Both runaways, three-month pregnant Belen and long-haired, Rolling Stones fan, Juan, join Antonio on his odyssey. The high school teacher’s open, inquisitive nature allows Belen and Juan to relax and a bond forms between the unlikely trio.

    Together they take an unforgettable journey, not just in search of John Lennon, but in search of themselves.

    Living Is Easy (with eyes closed) is the winner of 6 Goya Awards  (Spain’s equivalent to the Academy Awards), including Best Film and Best Director.

    "Charming and whimsical. This small gem offers a lovely evocation of Spain as well as a touching tribute to an unforgettable moment in time." - The Hollywood Reporter