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A man with Japanese characters written all over his face.


Proudly presented by the Melbourne Cinémathèque, ACMI & the Japan Foundation



31 Aug

Kobayashi’s anthology of oft-told tales of the supernatural was originally released in shortened form in the West, this is the complete version including all four tales.

Memberships: $29 - $24 For 3 Week Mini Membership. Annual Memberships Available From $135. Membership Includes Cinema Admission.
  • Kobayashi’s anthology was the most expensive film made in Japan and is marked by expressionistic visual and sound design that foreshadows many of the tropes of J-Horror. Alternately nightmarish and chilling, much of the film’s reputation for beauty lays with the work of art director Shigemasa Toda and the controlled direction of Kobayashi. “It has remained for countless viewers such a singular experience, clinging to memory like an unshakable dream, a glimpse into some alternate zone where light falls differently on faces, time moves by a different measure, and terror blends disturbingly with beauty” (Geoffrey O’Brien). 35mm print courtesy of The Japan Foundation.