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A close up of Iris Apfel, an older woman wearing an extravagant outfit
Iris Apfel




30 Jan - 9 Feb

Iris pairs legendary documentarian (the late) Albert Maysles with Iris Apfel, the quick-witted, flamboyant 93 year old international style icon. More than a fashion film, Iris offers a candid, joyful peek into the creative and personal life of a singularly energetic woman and her devoted husband, Carl.

  • Decades after winding up a highly successful career as an interior designer, Iris Apfel continues to reign as one of New York’s most enduring and sought after tastemakers. Indeed, Apfel was the inspiration for an exhibition curated by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2005-6.  

    Notwithstanding the abundance of glamour and celebrity in her busy, fabulous life, the disarmingly candid Ms Apfel has never abandoned the values and work ethic shaped during a middle-class upbringing in the New York suburb of Queens during the Great Depression.

    Maysles’ affectionate, engaging portrait allows Iris to poignantly and unaffectedly express herself in a way that transcends the signature eccentricity which more typically defines her. It is also a wonderful portrait of a marriage, with husband Carl offering quips and anecdotes along the way.   

    “A joyous celebration of creativity and razor-sharp wit sustained into old age” Variety

    “Albert Maysles’s last film is a typically deft exercise in subtle observation… Iris is a dream documentary subject: chatty, funny and extraordinary to look at” Sight & Sound