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Two men sitting on a beach reflecting on their relationship.
The Sun, The Moon and The Hurricane


Indonesian Film Festival Presents

The Sun, The Moon and The Hurricane

Unclassified 18+

18 Apr

The journey of Rain is told in three chapters across his life. From finding and losing happiness to watching those around him change and searching for love, the story revolves around the 32-year-old living in Jakarta as he struggles with loneliness and hardship.

Meet the Director and Leading Actor in a Q&A session.

No Longer Available.
  • At 19, Rain meets Kris. Though incredibly caring, Kris also proves selfish, possessive and dangerous, beating up a school bully harassing Rain. Around Kris, Rain feels both safe and at risk - that is - until Kris leaves and becomes a tumultuous hurricane in Rain's life.

    Nine years later, a free-spirited prostitute named Will enchants Rain. Together in Bangkok, a warm and tender relationship emerges between the pair. Will offers Rain hope after the perilous Kris, however, complications afford only a brief moment of sunshine in Rain’s life.

    Now at 32 years old, Rain is happily single. When an invitation from Kris to meet again arrives, it leads Rain to make the hardest decision in his life.