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A group of students lying on the ground in Prague.
The Land of Orange


Indonesian Film Festival Presents

The Land of Orange (Negeri van Oranje)

Unclassified All Ages

16 Apr

A seemingly unbreakable bond is shared between five Indonesian students, Daus, Banjar, Wicak, Geri and Lintang, who are studying their post-graduate degrees in different cities around Netherlands. Together the quintet search for meaning in life, chase their dreams, overcome struggles, and seek love in a foreign country.

Meet the director and leading actress in a special Q&A session.

No Longer Available.
  • Even though they studied at different cities, distance couldn’t tear their friendship apart. Together the group have shared their joys and sorrows as foreigners in Europe. When the friends travel to Prague together, things take an unexpected turn.

    Problems emerge when Lintang realises that her best friends have feelings for her and compete for her attention. As Lintang’s relationship with Jeroen, a local student, deteriorates, the tensions within the group deepen.