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Women giving a presentation about their fashion and hijab wear.


Indonesian Film Festival Presents


Unclassified All Ages

17 Apr

Four friends (Bia, Tata, Sari and Anin) decide to open an online shop together without their husbands' knowledge. To their delight, the shop rapidly grows in popularity and soon the businesswomen find themselves planning to open a boutique.

Meet the Director and Lead Actor in a Q&A session.

No Longer Available.
  • Selling hijab fashion, the foursome sees Bia working on the designs and Sari managing finances, while Tata and Anin market the products. With hard work the business flourishes alongside the rising trend of hijab in Indonesia.

    Problems arise for the entreprenuers, however, when the husbands learn of the boutique's success, threatening the dynamics of their respective relationships and home lives.