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A group of friends rejoicing over the perfect cup of coffee.
Coffee Philosophy


Indonesian Film Festival Presents

Coffee Philosophy (Filosofi Kopi)

Unclassified All Ages

14 Apr

Rupiah debt in the hundreds of millions threatens to force cafe 'Filosofi Kopi', founded by Jody and Ben, into bankruptcy. When a businessman challenges them to make "the perfect cup", Ben and Jody embark on an adventure that forces them to visit their troubled pasts and reexamine their relationships with their parents.

This opening night film of the festival includes a Q&A session with the Director, Producer, Co-producer and Lead Actor.

No Longer Available.
  • With his expertise in brewing coffee, Ben successfully wins a billion rupiah, but the perfect coffee also comes at a price. Ben and Jody have no choice but to embark on a journey to find Tiwus Coffee, a cup better than 'Ben’s perfecto'. As the two venture to their destination they begin to realise that life is like a cup of coffee, where sweetness and bitterness blend into one with warmth.

    A box office hit in Indonesia, this intriguing story about soul-searching and making peace with the past through coffee is adapted from Dee Lestari’s witty best-selling novel.