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Parker Posey sitting in a loungeroom smoking.
Kicking and Screaming


Kicking and Screaming


In Praise of Parker Posey

14 Mar - 19 Mar

Noah Baumbach’s brittle, wry directorial debut focused on a quartet of college graduates too paralysed by ennui to leave campus; quite literally in the case of Skippy (Jason Wiles) whose relationship with his seemingly flighty but infinitely more level-headed girlfriend, Miami (Parker Posey) hits a post-graduation snag. Playing like a hip, smart, Gen X update of Barry Levinson’s Diner (1982), Baumbach’s ensemble also featured Chris Eigeman, Josh Hamilton, Eric Stolz and Olivia d’Abo.

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  • Grover (Hamilton) lapses into total failure to launch mode when his girlfriend Jane (d’Abo) accepts a scholarship to study in Prague. A visit from his father, played with gruff affability by Elliott Gould, does little to improve his mood. Left to his own desultory devices, Grover falls in with his similarly despondent friends Max (Eigeman), Skippy (Wiles) and Otis (Carlos Jacott), a would-be mechanical engineer whose emotional IQ ranges from ‘antsy to testy’ who ends up working at Video Planet.

    Jane and Miami (Posey) manage their prospects with more clear-eyed maturity but Miami prevaricates romantically with some endearingly skittish behaviour of her own.

    “Post-graduation angst is what drives this smart romantic comedy… Baumbach’s vision of the tremendous anxiety associated with newly established adulthood is embodied by a top-notch cast” Film Society of Lincoln Center

    "Calls to mind Bodies, Rest & Motion and Reality Bites…as well as the two brittle and literate features of Whit Stillman, Metropolitan and Barcelona…but what makes this effort more soulful and sustaining than any of those reference points is the curiosity and alertness of Baumbach's direction...There's plenty of wit on the surface, but the pain of paralysis comes through loud and clear." Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader