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Parker Posey drinking in a bar with a man.
Irrational Man


Irrational Man


In Praise of Parker Posey

24 Mar - 28 Mar

In her first collaboration with Woody Allen, Posey plays a refreshingly age-appropriate love interest, Rita, a dissatisfied married professor who becomes involved with Joaquin Phoenix’s brilliant but deeply ambivalent philosophy professor, Abe. Emma Stone is Jill, the bright young student who makes her own pitch for Abe’s attentions.

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  • Abe Lucas (Phoenix) is in thrall to a deep funk. The open spaces and abundance of light that surround the picturesque Rhode Island college he has relocated to should energise him but Abe remains stubbornly closed off despite Rita’s efforts to reinvigorate him. Choosing to take a leaf out of Crimes and Misdemeanours’ playbook (rather than, say, Manhattan), a chance conversation overheard on an outing with Jill sets the scene for an unexpected personal transformation.

    Shot by Allen’s frequent collaborator Darius Khondji (Midnight in Paris, Magic in the Moonlight), Allen returns to his native East Coast after multiple cinematic excursions to photogenic European capitals but chooses to stage his latest existential drama in a picturesque, outdoorsy locale far removed from his typical Manhattan milieu.

    “The energy and freshness here are quite intoxicating. A darkly humorous quasi-thriller explored with a deft lightness of touch” The Hollywood Reporter