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Parker Posey on stage dressed in royal clothing.
For Your Consideration


For Your Consideration


In Praise of Parker Posey

20 Mar - 26 Mar

Christopher Guest reunites his Best in Show ensemble for a comedy that mercilessly spoofs Hollywood’s obsession with the fame game. Marilyn Hack (Catherine O’Hara) is a fading Hollywood veteran at a dangerous age (for women). When her performance in hokey period drama Home for Purim generates on set Oscar buzz, Hack can barely keep her desperate hopes in check, but will Hack’s co-star, ingénue Callie Webb (Parker Posey) upstage her?

No Longer Available.
  • Webb (Posey) claims not to “act for trophies” when leading lady Marilyn Hack and male lead Victor Allan Miller (Harry Shearer) are singled out for Oscar buzz on entertainment show Wake Up LA, but changes her tune when Hollywood Now anchors Chuck Porter (Fred Willard) and Cindy Martin (Jane Lynch) suggest her ‘surprisingly adept’ portrayal of daughter Rachel is worthy of Academy recognition.

    Posey is reliably hilarious in the role of a former stand-up comedian whose one-woman show, No Penis Intended, sharply divided critics (“no one really got it”) who can’t resist scene-stealing from Hack in a dramatic climax where the older actress practically chews the scenery to keep focus on herself.

    Beyond the cast of Home for Purim, Oscar fever infects clueless unit publicist Corey Taft (John Michael Higgins), talent agent Morley Orfkin (co-screenwriter Eugene Levy), and producer Whitney Taylor Brown (Jennifer Coolidge) while the film’s screenwriters Lane Iverson (Michael McKean) and Philip Koontz (Bob Balaban) take the measure of some dispiriting ‘tweaks’ suggested by the President of Sunfish Classics (a hilarious turn by Ricky Gervais) to broaden the film’s mainstream appeal.

    "Mercilessly funny. Guest’s incredible troupe of improv performers deflate the self-important better than anyone" Entertainment Weekly