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Parker Posey lying on the ground asleep.
Fay Grim


Fay Grim


In Praise of Parker Posey

25 Mar - 26 Mar

Seven years after leaving Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan), Fay (Posey) is raising their son, Ned, (Liam Aiken) on her own. Her brother, the now notorious Simon Grim (James Urbaniak) is in prison when the CIA come calling. Henry is presumed dead and the CIA want Fay to help them retrieve his notebooks. Cutting a deal that involves Simon’s release, Fay finds herself embroiled in a high stakes scenario involving espionage and shady figures from Henry’s mysterious past that takes her from Paris and Berlin to a dramatic reunion in Istanbul.

No Longer Available.
  • Although writer-director Hal Hartley hadn’t envisaged a trilogy, he knew he wasn’t done with the Grim family. Parker Posey had made Fay Grim an indelible character; a few years after the release of Henry Fool, Hartley decided to write a sequel with Posey very much in mind. On the face of it, a recognisably Hartleyesque existential thriller, Posey invests Fay with the break-neck energy and single-mindedness of a classic screwball heroine.

    “Slyly, almost imperceptibly comedic, Fay Grim is indeed 'a film by Hal Hartley', who wrote, directed, edited and scored the film. But it's also Parker Posey's film; she's edgy, volatile and seductive all at once, an agitated mother, a reluctant spy and a complex character who carries the film on her shoulders. It's a virtuoso performance. Jeff Goldblum brings his subtle and wry sensibilities to the role of CIA agent Fulbright, with a razor sharp delivery…a genuine thriller, with a well calibrated climactic third act, a sophisticated surface and a resonant interior.” Urban Cinefile