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Parker Posey as a highly strung dog owner in a psychologist's office.
Best in Show


Best In Show


In Praise of Parker Posey

27 Mar - 28 Mar

The second of four Christopher Guest-directed spoof documentaries Parker Posey has appeared in (a fifth is in post-production), Best in Show took aim at the human foibles of dog show participants perhaps a mite over-invested in their prize pooches. Joining Posey and actor-director Guest for hilarious improvisational mayhem is a talented ensemble featuring (co-writer) Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Michael McKean, John Michael Higgins, Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Lynch.

No Longer Available.
  • A ‘documentary crew’ follows five sets of contestants bound for a dog show in Philadelphia: would-be ventriloquist, Harlan Pepper (Guest) and his Bloodhound, Hubert; highly-strung thirty-something couple, Meg and Hamilton Swan (Posey and Michael Hitchcock); Florida couple Cookie and Gerry Fleck (O’Hara and Levy) – doting owners of Norwich Terrier, Winky; trophy wife Sherri Ann Cabot (Coolidge), dog trainer Christy Cummins (Lynch) and Shih-Tzu-toting Manhattanites, Stefan and Scott (McKean and Higgins).

    “In Christopher Guest’s Best in Show, [Posey] played one half of what is perhaps one of the best lampoons of a…J. Crew-wearing, Starbucks-drinking couple ever committed to film. Every line [Posey] delivers feels spontaneous but not insincere.” The New Yorker

    “Posey tackles her character’s mounting hysteria with a seriousness and intensity that make it all the funnier, as well as achingly human.”