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Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and All Music Has Disappeared

Unclassified 18+

17 Jan - 31 Jan

Music maverick Bill Drummond has had his fair share of controversy as part of the legendary KLF, a wildly successful pop band that infamously ended when they filmed themselves burning 1 million pounds. His post KLF life has consisted of projects that directly challenge the music industry. This engaging documentary follows Drummond as he attempts to pull off one of his most provocative stunts involving a choral project called The 17.

No Longer Available
  • The idea of the The 17 choir came to Drummond when he purchased his first iPod. Initially his elation of having all his music available at his fingertips soon turned to despair as the iPod slowly changed his relationship with music. Once something sacred now became commonplace as Drummond found himself unable to concentrate long enough to listen to one song.

    Out of his frustration came the concept of The 17, a cluster of choirs made up of people from different social and economic backgrounds through the British isles. The aim would be to record these disparate groups, merge their voices together for one majestic recording that is to be revealed at a special concert. After it is played once, the recording will be permanently deleted.

    Part KLF music bio, part personal manifesto, Stefan Schwietert’s wonderfully entertaining documentary is enlivened by the ever effervescent and mad genius of Drummond. This unique artist working outside of the music industry asks fundamental and illuminating questions on the nature of how we consume and listen to music.