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A man and a woman looking intensely at each other.


Proudly presented by the Melbourne Cinémathèque, ACMI & the Japan Foundation

Hymn To A Tired Man

Unclassified 15+

17 Aug

Based on the novel by the great Shusaku Endo (Silence), Kobayashi’s film adaptation is a meticulously paced dramatic film that maintains the director’s lifelong stance against corrupt authority, war and brutality.

A young soldier is left half deaf after a severe beating from a superior officer during WWII. Years later, the soldier and the officer become destined to cross paths once again after their eldest children are engaged to be married.

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  • Featuring Kobayashi regular Michiyo Aratama. Music by Japanese New Wave legend Toru Takemitsu. 35mm print courtesy of The Japan Foundation.