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A still from Martin Scorsese's Hugo of a child in a clocktower


Hugo 3D

Mild Themes

5 Jun - 11 Sep

Legendary director Martin Scorsese brings Brian Selznick's illustrated novel to life, fulfilling a lifelong dream. This mesmerising film paradoxically celebrates a golden era of cinema at the same time as the director embraces the fantastical possibilities of new technologies.

No Longer Available.
  • Hugo Cabret is a crafty orphan who secretly maintains the clocks in a Paris railway station. When he seeks to find the key that will animate an automaton, his only remaining link to his dead father, the twelve year old unlocks an even deeper mystery steeped in the very origins of cinema.

    Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield are outstanding as Georges Méliès and Hugo. Sacha Baron Cohen also provides a fine performance as a wounded war veteran gendarme, Inspector Gustav, with a mysterious childhood secret of his own.

    “An exhilarating tale of magic, machines, memories, and dreams, Martin Scorsese pulls off the neatest trick of all. He marshals the marvels of modern movie technology - up to and including the dreaded 3-D - to create a love letter to the earliest of movies and, by extension, to every movie from then to now.” Ty Burr, Boston Globe.

    Screens as part of ACMI’s tribute to Martin Scorsese