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A black and white image of women wearing hats in Borsalino


ACMI and VAMFF present

Borsalino City

Unclassified 15+

25 Feb - 11 Mar

In Australia we have the Akubra, but in Hollywood and the rest of the film world, there is Borsalino. Borsalino is not only a millinery brand (established in Italy in 1857), it is also considered to be the ultimate Hollywood hat, aka the fedora - a mainstay of ‘40s gangster flicks and ‘50s film noir. A favourite among many actors, Borsalino helped to shape indelible cinema legends including Charlie Chaplin, Robert Redford and Humphrey Bogart.

No Longer Available.
  • Borsalino hats were a mainstay in early silent cinema - from Buster Keaton to Charlie Chaplin - and by the 1920s Borsalino hats could be found in the finest stores of every major American city.

    Borsalino flourished even during the depression years as Hollywood topped all their gangsters with a fedoras, and they were worn by Gary Cooper and Humphrey Bogart. Despite the ravages of World War II, Borsalino continued to operate and went on to furnish hats for many of Federico Fellini’s films.

    Featuring a bounty of archival footage and excerpts from iconic films, filmmaker Enrica Viola left no stone unturned, talking to screenwriters, actors and costume designers.

    Screens with One Morning in Italy (3 mins, USA, 2015) featuring some of the not-quite-ready-to-wear clothes of Sleepy Jones from the United States. Filmmaker Oscar Boyson (Frances Ha) shot this quirky film on location in Pisa and is a finalist in the International category of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival Film 2016 competition.

    Celebrate the opening of Fashion on Film 2016 with the Australian premiere of Borsalino City on Thu 25 Feb. Pop on your favourite hat for The Eternal Headonist’s next Hat Mob gathering and celebrate in the ACMI Bar and Cafe after the film.