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Two guys rocking out on stage being filmed.
The Decline of the Western Civilization Part I


Decline of the Western Civilization

MA 15+
Strong coarse language, sexual refernces

Decline of the Western Civilization Trilogy

5 Mar - 12 Mar

Growing up in a circus might have given Penelope Spheeris all the skills she needed to become a filmmaker. Widely known for the hit comedy Wayne’s World her entrée into the industry was this definitive record of the L.A. punk scene which spawned a trilogy.

Screens in trilogy with The Decline of the Western Civilization Part II and Part III.

  • The Decline of the Western Civilization is the stuff of film and music legend and for good reason. Featuring bands such as Black Flag, X, the Germs and Circle Jerks, the film captured a new wave of youth culture as its very nexus. Unafraid to dive into mosh pits and discussions with fans and musicians alike, Spheeris captures the blood, racism, aggression and sweat of the L.A. punk and hardcore scene which boasted an entirely distinct sound to their East Coast cousins and the long forgotten UK explosion.

    Previously unavailable, Spheeris and her daughter, Anna Fox have worked tirelessly to bring the films back into the light. For all those who’ve only ever see these films on a crappy bootleg VHS and for all those who wish they had, don’t miss these special big screen event screenings of the definitive punk rock trilogy.

    “Inescapably one of the greatest rock ’n’ roll chronicles ever recorded,” Fandor