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A man leaning into a taco truck


City of Gold

Coarse language

5 Feb - 27 Feb

This deliciously charming portrait of LA Times Food Critic Jonathan Gold is a celebration of ethnic and culinary diversity in the writer’s hometown of Los Angeles. Director Laura Gabbert immediately establishes a frame of reference for Gold’s unique brand of criticism. The film opens with the flyways and endless sprawl of L.A. overlaid with Gold’s review of a taco truck; it’s educative, mouth-watering and full of deep emotion.

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  • The only food writer to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize, Gold’s criticism is as rich and satisfying as any great meal. As he buzzes around the vast freeways of Los Angeles in his beloved truck visiting Korean food vans, Ethiopian eateries and hot dog stands, Gold weaves a fascinating narrative of a city built on immigration and diversity.

    Throughout City of Gold, Gabbert returns to her subject’s love of music. A former cello prodigy, punk rock fan and west-coast hip-hop aficionado, Gold lenses the racial tensions of his city through its cultural and culinary legacies.

    Gold’s championing of unknown talents and eloquent civic pride goes some way to explaining why the city of Los Angeles is having a moment of renewed popularity after years of being derided as a cultural (and culinary) wasteland by outsiders. So rather than listen to people who transit through taking in a hotel lobby and the Walk of Fame, take Jonathan’s advice; drive a little further, walk into an unknown diner and you will see, smell and taste an extraordinary metropolis.

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