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Talks & Performances

Presented by Film Victoria, Principal Partner of AIDC 2016

Catfish Interrupted


28 Feb

The subject of great discussion on its release in 2010, Catfish starts innocently but soon turns into the strangest of journeys for the filmmakers, the participants and the audience. Here it’s Facebook that’s the central character and through its many rabbit holes a very wide world becomes very narrow and kinda creepy!

In it, young photographer Yaniv Schulman experiences much more than he bargained for in the science of making friends and the nature of love when one day he receives a gift from a fan that changes his life and that of all those around him.


Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Join AIDC guests and Catfish editor Zac Stuart-Pontier, producer Marc Smerling and independent film curator Richard Sowada as we deconstruct and rebuild the film before your very eyes live and in person.

    In what’s sure to be a unique experience, Marc and Zac will provide a running commentary, interjections and random observations throughout the screening to expose the way the film developed, their strategic storytelling decisions and how far documentary filmmakers could and should go into the lives and minds of their subjects.

    It’s just like being in the editing room…only bigger and louder…and not quite as late at night.

    "Catfish is an amazing, tense, charming, soulful, utterly surprising portrait about technology & psychology", Marc Fennell