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Casffa First Impressions Hero


Presented by the Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia

First Impressions: Vintage Czechoslovak Film Posters and Betwixt

14 Sep - 23 Sep

Two concurrent exhibitions explore the evocative terrain between books, film and visual art in response to the 2016 festival theme Text and Texture. Artwork by local artists sits alongside an assortment of vintage Czechoslovak film posters to consider how carefully chosen text and visual imagery work together to communicate concepts, stories and atmospheres.


    Sourced directly from Prague and Bratislava, this exhibition includes posters for films in this and previous years CaSFFA programs. The selected posters showcase the distinct typography, colours, shapes and signs that originally heralded coming attractions to eager cinema audiences but now endure as reminders of a once thriving art form that distilled the essence of an entire film into a single enigmatic image.


    Complementing the graphic language of the film posters, this exhibition delves into the imaginative zone between film and books. Featuring the unfolding storyboards of hand crafted concertina artist books, sketch books, comic books and installations, the artworks employ tropes of film and literature; text, titles, typography, montage, narrative and framing, to sit in playful dialogue with the poetic visual games of the film posters. 

    The Australian Mediatheque is a hub for exploring the indeterminate middle ground between books and film. As well as feasting your eyes on the posters and artist books on display, CaSFFA invites you to peruse an assortment of books relating to our festival program, including comic books provided by the Melbourne and Prague UNESCO City Of Literature offices.

    Exhibition continues at Fracture Gallery in the Federation Square Atrium.


    Stephen Banham | Bernard Caleo | Angela Cavalieri | Peter Ellis | Petr Herel | Gracia & Louise | Andrew Keall | Carmen Reid | Sally Tape