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Two men boxing in a ring in the Phillipines.




6 Oct - 12 Oct

Beast follows Jaime (Chad McKinney), a young half-Filipino boxer, and his father Rick (Garret Dillahunt, The Mindy Project), an American expat, over one life-changing night in Manila. Rick pressures Jaime to cheat in a boxing match by tampering with his gloves. The result: his opponent Pedro, a local Manila fighter, dies from his injuries.

No Longer Available.
  • When Pedro’s girlfriend, Divina (Angeli Bayani), uncovers their crime and the police get involved, Jaime is forced to make a decision - stick by the father he loves so much and cover up the crime, or risk everything to save Divina and her young son.

    “Promising debut feature for brothers Tom and Sam McKeith captures that city’s humid, teeming life with atmospheric familiarity, In nearly every scene, and with relatively little dialogue, [newcomer Chad McKinney] delivers a strong, thoughtful screen presence that lends Beast its substance," Variety