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A picture of a young boy dressed in an ant super costume



Mild themes and violence Suitable for kids 5+

16 Jul - 10 Sep

Pelle Nørhmann is no one special. Just an ordinary 12-year old. A bit too ordinary, if you ask him: Pelle is a loner and the most beautiful girl at school, Amanda, with whom he has been secretly in love since preschool, hardly knows he exists. Actually it’s only the bullies at school who notice Pelle.

No Longer Available.
  • One day, while they’re chasing him through the sleepy suburbs, Pelle hides in his neighbour’s scary garden. He escapes the bullies but is bitten by a large and strange-looking ant. Pelle thinks nothing of the bite but that night he’s haunted by mysterious dreams. When he wakes up the next morning he has gained all the powers of the ant: super strength, a heightened sense of smell, and the ability to climb walls. Oh yeah... and he pees acid.

    The last thing Pelle wants is to attract attention, but it doesn’t take long before the comic book nerd Wilhelm discovers his newfound powers. Wilhelm is convinced that Pelle must use his powers to become a superhero and fight crime. Pelle isn’t interested in becoming a crime fighter but he badly wants to impress Amanda. He agrees to Wilhelm’s plan and before long the superhero Antboy is making life miserable for the criminals in town.

    Unfortunately Pelle discovers that he isn’t the only one in town with superpowers. A scary opponent called The Flea shows up and when he kidnaps Amanda, Antboy and Wilhelm are faced with their biggest challenge yet. Can a pint-sized superhero really take on a true supervillain?

    Antboy is based on the popular Danish book series by Kenneth Bøgh