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The Muppet gang against a new york backdrop
The Muppets Take Manhattan


The Muppets Take Manhattan


23 Sep - 28 Sep

School’s out for Kermit, Miss Piggy, Scooter and the rest of the gang. After the performance of a lifetime on the school stage the only logical move is to take the show to Broadway! However, the New York theatre scene proves a lot harder to crack and while Kermit gets a job at a diner, the other Muppets leave town, waiting for the call.

Tickets: $7. Member discounts available.
  • Kermit’s persistence pays off and the gang receives an offer to bring their show to Broadway in only two weeks. The only problem now, though, is finding where Kermit has disappeared to! The show must go on, but can it go on without its main star (apart from Miss Piggy, of course)?

    In grand Muppet tradition (this is the third Muppet feature film), director Frank Oz has filled the screen with cameos from the greats of ’80s showbiz including Joan Rivers, Elliott Gould, Brooke Shields, director John Landis and Liza Minnelli.

    “It is ultimately a story made from a place of love, not mercenary motives or cynicism, and that carries through right to the desperately earnest and obviously heartfelt final lines:

    What better way could anything end?

    Hand in hand with a friend.

    If there's a better way to sum up Jim Henson's simple, boundlessly humane philosophy, I have not seen it.” Tim Brayton, Agony & Ecstasy

    Screens as part of our tribute to Jim Henson.