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The Face of an Angel


The Face of an Angel

MA 15+

Seasons & Screenings

4 Jun - 16 Jun

Prolific British director Michael Winterbottom returns to Italy with an all-star cast of seasoned performers and surprising newcomers. Daniel Brühl (Inglourious Basterds, Good Bye Lenin!), Kate Beckinsale (Pearl Harbor, Snow Angels) and superstar model-turned-Hollywood starlet Cara Delevingne star in an unlikely examination of the 2007 murder of UK student Meredith Kercher that rocked international headlines.

No Longer Available.
  • Rather than delving deeply into the case or offering up a biopic about Kercher or fascinating accused murderess Amanda Knox, Winterbottom uses the case as a launching point for an examination of the tabloid press, the creative process and a man in crisis.

    Thomas (Brühl) is a director (à la Winterbottom) who is making a film adaptation of a true-crime book of the grisly murder. He ventures to the picturesque Italian student town of Perugia where he meets the international tabloid ‘brat pack’ that includes the author of the book, Simone (Beckinsale).

    Using Dante’s Inferno as a key reference, Winterbottom draws his filmmaker deeper into the town’s winding medieval streets in search of Kercher’s killer. As Thomas becomes more ensconced in Perugia he falls deeper into his own misgivings on creativity and truth. His only ray of light comes from plucky UK student Melanie – in a wonderful performance by Delevingne. The pair strike up an unlikely friendship and through this, Thomas begins to find a lifeline back to reality.

    For over two decades, Winterbottom has continued to push the boundaries of filmmaking. Intimate character studies Wonderland (1999) and A Summer in Genoa (2008), comedies 24 Hour Party People (2002), The Trip (2010) and the futurist sci-fi of Code 46 (2003) sit alongside politically charged examinations of contemporary society The Road to Guantanamo (2006) and In This World (2002). He traverses numerous styles and subject matters resulting in films which continually challenge audiences to embrace ideas and broaden perceptions of film style and craft.