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The Age of Adaline


The Age of Adaline

Mature themes and sexual references

21 Nov - 1 Dec

A freakish schism in the law of physics arrests the aging process in Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) at the age of 29. Determined to avoid detection lest she be outed as a medical curiosity, Adaline lives a quiet, largely solitary life, her secret shared only with her daughter, Flemming (Ellen Burstyn). After almost eight decades of emotional isolation, however, Adaline’s defences finally begin to fray. 

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  • A chance encounter one New Year’s Eve with a charming philanthropist, Ellis Jones (Game of Thrones’ Michiel Huisman), sets Adaline’s solitary existence on an unexpected course. Displaying her trademark reticence and an intriguing world-weariness, Adaline offers Ellis little encouragement. Taken by Adaline’s self-possessed loveliness and intellectual curiosity, Ellis (naturally) persists and the two soon find common ground.

    The fledgling romance between the pair is challenged by unexpected revelations when the two spend a weekend with Ellis’ parents. Kathy Baker and Harrison Ford bring a wonderful emotional immediacy to their respective roles as a long-term couple preparing to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Ford, in particular, is quite disarming. The venerable Ellen Burstyn, as Adaline’s ageing daughter, is also note-worthy, in a subtle and touching performance.

    “A romance with an enticing emotional structure…Harrison Ford [gives] a lovely performance that both acknowledges his age and reprises his world-class charm…Blake Lively has about her an air of patrician formality. Tender and endearing…it’s a film that has a determined, un-ironic respect for things past.” - The New York Post