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A man on a ute with a fixed machine gun.
Under Fire: Journalists in Combat


Presented with the Melbourne Writers Festival

Under Fire: Journalists in Combat

Unclassified 18+

23 Aug - 27 Aug

Combat newsman Jon Steele once said, “You never feel as alive as when you’re staring death in the face.”

Only two journalists were killed covering WW1, but almost 900 have been killed in the past two decades. Today, death, injury, capture and execution are common place for war-zone journalists and photographers, as well as the enormous pressure, fear and stress that come with them.

This powerhouse film goes all the way and beyond in its exploration of the mindset of the combat photographer and correspondent.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • Although the correspondents are interviewed to camera – sometimes very uncomfortably –  it’s the images themselves that do the talking and that continue to do so well after the film’s conclusion.

    It’s often with great difficulty that these reporters recount many of their experiences and indeed it’s often difficult for audiences also. These stories and images demand to be seen, however, so that new perspectives and understandings of war and conflict can be formed.

    This film is a shattering experience for all concerned as these journalists try to balance the world they know against worlds being torn apart by war of the most terrible kind. Saying goodbye to family members and being almost immediately thrust into a life and death situation not surprisingly leads to the most personal revelations.

    These correspondents – who are also mothers and wives, husbands and fathers – discuss their experiences in war zones around the world including Afghanistan, El Salvador, the Congo, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Iraq, Libya and Lebanon.

    Under Fire: Journalists in Combat is deeply moving, utterly harrowing and wholly enlightening.

    “After watching Under Fire you will never look at another war photograph or video without thinking about the journalist behind it." - Huffington Post