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A man pressing a camera to his face with a fire and dead body in the background.
Shooting Robert King


Presented with the Melbourne Writers Festival

Shooting Robert King

Unclassified 18+

24 Aug - 28 Aug

Robert King is one of the most recognised war-zone photographers of his generation. Over 15 years and three major conflicts, this film documents the personal, artistic and professional development of this master of the form, from the very first time he enters an explosive combat zone in Bosnia through to his tours of Chechnya to Iraq.

The transformation of the man from naïve dreamer to hardened professional over this period is as fascinating as the photography itself.

Tickets: $13 - $17. Member Discounts Available.
  • This film is a true diary; it doesn’t shy away from the most personal of details as King grapples with the very real internal struggles of directly facing the most intense situations armed with no more than a camera. It’s clear from the film’s opening moments that King exists on a plane where danger is the only constant.

    Like the photography itself, the documentary has many layers – on one hand it’s about the horror of conflict, while on the other it’s a deeply intimate journey about the emotional and intellectual development of a human being. It’s fascinating to watch from both perspectives as they both spiral out of control.

    What Shooting Robert King ultimately presents, however, is the cost of war to the individual, the nation and the world.

    “This fascinating account of the unheralded heroes of international conflict - the journos, photographers and cameramen - succeeds for exactly the same reasons as the best reportage: by focusing on just one story, it somehow tells many more... Parry's film surveys the wreckage and finds in King a fearless, fascinating, flawed figure, and tells his story with the sort of gallows wit that only comes through living cheek by jowl with death.” - Channel 4, UK