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Seniors wearing hip hop gear posing in various dance positions.
Hip Hop-eration


Hip Hop-eration


4 Oct + 6 Oct

It’s the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas or bust for a troupe of plucky seniors from New Zealand. Ranging in age from 66 to 94, Kara ‘Bang Bang’ Nelson, Eileen ‘Diva Mystic’ Evans, Rosemary ‘Missy Ro-Yo’ McKenzie – and 24 other members of the Hip Op-eration crew – are determined to travel to the States to compete alongside hip hop crews a third their age.

No Longer Available.
  • Led by their indefatigable manager, Billie Jordan, and encouraged by young hip hoppers from Street Dance New Zealand, the Hip Op-eration crew from Waiheke Island, near Auckland, learn to dispense with their walking sticks and push their bodies – artificial joints included – to the limit.

    "You’re all going [to Vegas] - even if it’s in an urn," Billie tells them. Four of the crew use mobility aids, several are deaf and one is legally blind; hip hop, however, isn’t about limitations, they maintain, but possibilities. The group’s motto is “RHY” (Respect and Honour Youth), an ethos borne out (and reciprocated) by the young and old hip hoppers featured in Bryn Evans’ uplifting film.

    "A heart-warming documentary that challenges perceptions of what it is to grow old…full of laughs, colourful characters and Kiwi attitude" - New Zealand Herald