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A man and woman are standing on a street having an intimate conversation.
Regular Lovers


Presented by the Melbourne Cinémathèque & ACMI

Regular Lovers (Les amants réguliers)

Unclassified 18+

Melbourne Cinematheque

4 Nov

Regular Lovers is a detailed portrait of a culture of listless youth caught in changing times. It intimately observes the intense love affair between melancholy poet François (Louis Garrel, the director’s son), and artist Lilie (Clotilde Hesme).

No Longer Available.
  • The film was shot in stunning black and white by nouvelle vague favourite William Lubtchansky, whose absorbing camera wanders past Parisian scenes of revolution in May ’68 with Garrel’s typically enigmatic detachment.

    Garrel’s most celebrated later feature won several awards at the 2005 Venice Film Festival, including the Silver Lion. Jean-Claude Vannier composed the score. Brigitte Sy (the director’s ex-wife) and Maurice Garrel (the director’s father) also star.

    “Garrel is not just an artless aesthete, he is unexpectedly and intensely romantic – imagining and realizing a character who can die for love” – J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

    Screens with Actua 1 (6 mins, Philippe Garrel, France, 1968).  Garrel’s first film, long considered lost, but recently rediscovered and restored by La Cinémathèque français documents the events of May ’68 through various lyrical 16mm & 35mm shots; anonymous images of young protestors filmed at night during the heat of revolutionary battle.