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Once My Mother


Presented by PolArt 2015 & ACMI

Once My Mother (Niegdyś moja matka)


30 Dec

When Australian filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz was seven years old, her Polish mother, Helen, abandoned her in an Adelaide orphanage. Sophia never forgot this maternal act of betrayal.

No Longer Available.
  • Now in middle age, as Sophia examines her troubled relationship with Helen. She discovers the story of Helen's miraculous wartime escape from a Siberian gulag, her subsequent survival against the odds, and the truth about a historic betrayal involving Stalin and the Allies. Did she ever truly know this woman who became her mother? Does she have it in her heart to forgive her? And is it too late?

    Screens with:
    Paderewski: The Man of Action, Success and Fame (32 mins, 2013, DCP, Poland). The film is a short history of the great Polish patriot, world-famous pianist and composer, statesman, diplomat, politician and philanthropist.