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A man riding a horse down the middle of a country road.
Of Horses and Men


Of Horses and Men (Hross í oss)

MA 15+
Strong themes, animal slaughter and sex scene

Seniors’ Cinema

1 Aug - 11 Aug

In a remote and spectacularly scenic valley, a romance is brewing between villagers Kolbeinn (Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson, the grizzled detective from Baltasar Kormákur’s hit Icelandic thriller Jar City) and the widowed Solveig (Charlotte Bøving) – but it seems there’s an attraction between their horses too.  A series of unexpected events that follow are portrayed in a series of visually striking vignettes that run the gamut from tragic to comic and comically erotic.

No Longer Available.
  • Theatre director Benedikt Erlingsson’s debut feature is an enchantingly quirky tale that mines the rich folklore around Icelanders’ unique relationship with their equine counterparts (in a country that prohibits the importation of foreign horses).

    A country romance about the human streak in horses – and vice versa – Of Horses and Men was Iceland’s submission to the 86th Academy Awards® for Best Foreign Language Film.

    "A hugely enjoyable film from the wild side of the wild side; it comes with an excellent musical score by David Thor Jonsson, and it really resembles nothing else around. Erlingsson gets up close and personal with horses in a way that is earnest and romantic – clearly the work of a connoisseur." - The Guardian

    "Delightfully dry…truly surprising" - Variety