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Marilyn Monroe posing in front of Niagara falls.




Seasons & Screenings

5 Jul - 12 Jul

In her first Technicolor role, Marilyn Monroe smoulders as a deadly femme fatale in Henry Hathaway’s thriller. Happy-go-lucky newlyweds Ray (Max Showalter) and Polly (Jean Peters) head north to Niagara for their long-overdue honeymoon. On the precipice of the spectacular falls sits a holiday bungalow where they meet the vivacious blonde Rose (Monroe) and her husband, George (Joseph Cotten), a world-weary shut-in. Unbeknownst to their innocent new friends, Rose is devising the perfect plan to escape the clutches of her controlling husband. But just when it seems Rose is in the clear, she wakes to a shocking new reality.

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  • Hathaway doesn’t put the brakes on there, however; as the plot twists and turns, the two couples’ lives entwine even further as Niagara rushes to its stunning watery conclusion.

    Hathaway’s couples represent alternate marital universes and, in doing so, perfectly set the scene for this (unlikely) colourful noir full of mistaken identity, moral ambiguity and vengeance.

    This stunning new restoration from Twentieth Century Fox premiered in the 2015 Berlin Film Festival retrospective “Glorious Technicolor”.  Released only few months before her smash hit Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), Niagara showcases Monroe’s genuine dramatic talents, whilst playfully riffing on her obvious assets which really pop in all their Technicolor glory!

    On the film's release, The New York Times wrote, “Obviously ignoring the idea that there are Seven Wonders of the World, Twentieth Century Fox has discovered two more and enhanced them with Technicolor in Niagara.”

    Don’t miss a rare chance to witness all the beauty and thrills, screening in a specially imported, newly restored 35mm print.