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Two fantastical elf like creatures, one male and female, who are made from puppets


The Dark Crystal


27 Sep - 11 Oct

Mixing elements of Tolkien and fairy tales, Jim Henson and Frank Oz created a fantastic world rooted in universal myth rarely equalled in any other fantasy film. 

When the hulking, dragon-like Skeksis shatter the Dark Crystal and enslave the elf-like Gelflings, two young survivors embark on a journey to heal the crystal and restore equilibrium to the world.

No Longer Available.
  • A stunning achievement that uses both puppetry and marionettes, The Dark Crystal is loved by Henson fans and cult film fans alike, and is perhaps Henson's best-known work outside of The Muppet Show. The film’s enormously detailed work is featured in a number of the behind-the-scenes programs in this retrospective.

    Of particular interest is the sheer scale of the film’s production that involved the construction of gigantic beasts, huge sets and an enormous variety of other-worldly beings. The Dark Crystal also marked a significant departure for the master puppeteer who, along with Frank Oz, explored much darker territory both within the story and the visual effects.