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The famous green puppet frog Kermit, made of felt with big white eyes against a white backdrop


Producing the Muppets: A Masterclass with Martin G. Baker

27 Sep

As part of Muppets™, Music & Magic: Jim Henson’s Legacy, Martin G. Baker, Emmy®-award winning producer of The Muppets Tonight, speaks about his producing career within the  film and television industries and the legacy of puppet master and artist Jim Henson.

No Longer Available.
  • A special guest from the Henson Foundation, film and television producer Martin Baker has worked on productions that are loved by people young and old. His affiliation with the Jim Henson Company lasted 20 years, during which time he saw The Muppet Show rise to fame, received an Emmy for his work as a producer on The Muppets Tonight, produced three Muppet feature-length films and was an associate producer for Jim Henson’s 1986 feature film Labyrinth.

    With over 20 years of industry experience, Martin provides invaluable insight into what’s involved in producing film and television today and guides you through key stages of the production process offering expert knowledge on the various components.

    Producing the Muppets: A Masterclass with Martin G. Baker includes a ticket to the 6pm film screening of Muppets 101 with Commentary by Martin Baker.