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Jim Henson and Kermit the Frog sitting on a couch
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Muppet History 101

Unclassified All Ages

24 Sep + 27 Sep

Learn your Muppet history! This is material you won't see anywhere else: early TV appearances including the origin of the Muppets in Sam and Friends, plus commercials, guest spots, rarely-seen clips from the pilot of The Muppet Show and tons more.

With live commentary by Martin Baker (UK), our guest from The Jim Henson Foundation, this special program provides an extraordinary insight into the formative years of the show that came to redefine kids’ television before making the leap to prime time.

No Longer Available.
  • This excellent program contains the very earliest footage of the Muppets dating from the mid-1950s. Opening with Kermit the Frog followed by all manner of early Muppet prototypes, the Sam and Friends episode that marked the Muppets’ first television appearance runs in its entirety – including fantastic commercials.

    Simple and innocent from the outset, the program travels through the decades and generations and, as it does, the Muppets get increasingly complex in their look and mannerisms – and they’re not without their elements of social criticism.

    The Sesame Street pilot alone is wonderful to watch and almost brings a tear to the eye in its clarity of vision as Rowlf and Kermit to and fro about the meaning of the show and what it will represent to the kids. It really is very lovely.

    Special guest Martin Baker (UK), who worked with Henson for over two decades, will provide an intro and Q&A on 24 and 27 September.

    Photography courtesy of The Jim Henson Legacy, The Jim Henson Company, Disney, and Sesame Workshop.

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