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A man with a puppet of Elmo, the furry red Seasame Street character


Being Elmo


28 Sep - 11 Oct

Does the name Kevin Clash mean anything to you? How about the name Elmo? From humble beginnings to one of the most well-known puppeteers of his generation, Clash is the voice, mind and heart of our favourite red, furry Sesame Street buddy.

No Longer Available.
  • Once a pre-teen Muppet fan and now Executive Producer and key driver of Sesame Street, Clash's rise is nothing short of inspiring. The path to reaching these heights wasn't easy, however, and in achieving them, Clash experienced self-doubt experimentation and single-minded devotion to the past and present of puppetry.

    This tender film charts Clash's puppetry obsession, his motivations and techniques, his unwavering commitment to the field and his eventual meeting with the legends of the craft; enter stage right a who's who of great creative minds including Frank Oz and Jim Henson.

    Through brilliant archival footage, Being Elmo combines surprisingly moving moments with an enormously entertaining history of the people behind the most well-known street on the planet.