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Talks & Performances

Mojo Juju

7 Aug

This slick and twisted Late Night event sees modern R&B warped with elements of vintage rock, jazz, and big city blues in the form of headliners Mojo Juju, DJ Mike Guerrieri, and special guest Ilana Charnelle.

No Longer Available
  • The Lightwell turns into a swinging speakeasy with the Mojo Juju Trio bringing their old school, street-smart music to Bowie late nights.

    Over the last fifteen years, Mojo has evolved into a truly individual performer, mixing and blending jazz, blues, roots and soul to create fresh, clean and sharp R&B. Her ideas make sense on the streets of Melbourne now, and echo days gone by. 

    She is joined by local chanteuse Ilana Charnelle, one of Melbourne’s most respected jazz singers, who will give some Bowie classics the speakeasy songbird treatment. 

    With DJ Mike Gurrieri  (from Mystic Brew on PBS) putting the needle on some smoking-hot funk, soul and R&B records, this Late Night will have you swinging into the evening.

    Please note: DJ from 6pm - Band from 7.30pm.

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    To secure your spot to Mojo Juju, book any exhibition session from 5pm on the day of the event.