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A claymation scene of a biscuit looked up from a desk out the window at a moon with a face
I am Round, directed by Mario Adamson, 2011.


Little Big Shots: Australia’s International Film Festival for Kids presents

Package 9: LBS Up Late

Unclassified 15+


30 May - 8 Jun

Short films from around the world for kids aged 13 years and over.

No Longer Available.
  • Screening in this program:

    Bath House (Niki Lindroth von Bahr, 10 mins, Sweden, 2014)
    Detention (Jack McGrath, 6 mins, Australia, 2014)
    I Am Round (Mario Adamson, 14 mins, Sweden, 2011)
    As Boys Grow (Charlotte van Otterloo, 5 mins, The Netherlands, 2013)
    Hat Theory (Asya Strelbitskaya, 4 mins, Russia, 2014)
    Stairwell (Tomas Schats, 1 min, The Netherlands, 2013)
    Pickman's Model (Pablo Ángeles, 11 mins, Mexico, 2014)

    Total running time: 50 minutes

    NB: Children under 15 yrs must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.