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Two French-style mimes squaring off with each other
Forever Mime, directed by Michael Visser, 2013.


Little Big Shots: Australia’s International Film Festival for Kids presents

Package 3: Tikes to Ten

Unclassified All Ages


30 May - 8 Jun

Short films from around the world for kids aged 4 to 10 years.

No Longer Available.
  • Screening in this program:

    Forever Mime (Michael Visser, 7 mins, France, 2013)
    The Legend of Billy the Pig (Maxim Hussey, 3 mins, Australia, 2014)
    Granddaughter (Nicolás Villarreal, 5 mins, USA/Argentina, 2014)
    A Life Story (Nacho Rodriguez, 5 mins, Spain, 2013)
    Til' the Cows Come Home (Mathew Harvey, 8 mins, Australia, 2014)
    Lune (Toma Leroux and Patrick Delage, 6 mins, France, 2014)
    By Your Side (Tsuneo Goda, 6 mins, Japan, 2014)
    Mr Hublot (Laurent Witz and Alexandre Espirages, 12 mins, France, 2013)

    Total running time: 51 minutes