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An animated cute cat smiling holding its paws against its face
Komaneko: The Curious Cat


Komaneko: The Curious Cat

Unclassified All Ages

14 Nov - 15 Nov

Komaneko is a burgeoning animator who creates her own puppets and sets and films them in stop-motion style. She goes on a series of adventures with her friends Radi-Bo, a ghost and a Bigfoot-like creature who she tries to film with her 8mm camera.

No Longer Available.
  • Featuring a sweet soundtrack with little dialogue, except a few strategically-placed meows, Japan's first major stop-motion animated film depicts new friendships, creativity and the conflicting emotions that accompany a childhood filled with wonder.

    Directed by Tsuneo Goda, creator the cult Japanese character Domo, Komaneko comes with a high cuteness warning. She befriends everyone she comes in contact with. You’ve been warned!

    Komaneko: The Curious Cat holds a special place in our hearts at ACMI and also with one of our young patrons, Boyd, who has requested this to be screened as part of our Kids’ Flicks program "Because it's about a cat and I love cats." Who doesn’t?! Well Boyd, you’ll be receiving a $25 gift voucher to spend in the ACMI Shop, maybe on some Komaneko merchandise exclusive to ACMI.

    Do you, like Boyd, have a favourite film you’d like to see on the big screen at ACMI? If so, send us your Kids' Flicks By Request submission!

    “Clever enough to charm adults while providing laughs and incredible cuteness for children, Komaneko is a guaranteed family hit. Writer-director Goda manages to express maximum emotion with minimal effort, restricting dialogue to the occasional meow" - Travis Miles, Film Independent